Monday, February 28, 2011

Gorgeous Skin

Skin care tips for keeping it gorgeous.

Yet again we come up with the entire list of skin care tips for you to follow and make your skin look healthy. To get the gorgeous skin the first thing to do is never sleep with the makeup on. Your skin needs to breathe so make sure you wash your skin twice at the end of the day; once to get the makeup off, a second time to wash the skin itself.

Go for natural products when it comes to your skin. Exfoliate your skin at night with natural products that are readily available such as sugar and oat meal. Your skin deserves attention and that too at all times so that you keep up with the skin care tips and get the best results for your skin.

The next thing to do as a routine for your skin care is to use facial masks regularly. Yet again you can go for natural products for your skin. Go for mashed banana and avocado or just plain yogurt. Skin care should be your top priority. Moisturize your skin during the day and at night.

Never go for too cheap or too expensive products for your skin. Use a treatment for your skin; vitamin A and C or any kind of cocktail treatment. One of the most important skin care tip is to treat your skin gently. Be very gentle when you clean it, moisturize it or makeup on it. This will lessen the chance that you'll damage your skin and get wrinkles.

Keep your skin covered when you’re under the sun. Your skin will stay beautiful. Always eat fresh food and drink a lot of water; it will keep your skin alive. Your skin will glow if you have a balanced diet with the appropriate amount of vegetables, fruits and drinks.

Let go of stress. Stress can show up on your face skin, no matter how well you take care of your skin. Do something your enjoy every day, whether it's watching TV or going shopping. Your face skin reflects what's going on inside of your mind.
You may have heard the big news out of New York last week: The Knicks finally got Carmelo Anthony.

Perhaps lost in the shuffle of Melomania was that Chauncey Billups made the trip from Denver as well - and that move is already looking brilliant for the Knicks.

Billups made a long 3-pointer from the right wing with 1:01 left over Dwyane Wade's outstretched arm to give New York the lead for good Sunday night, and the Knicks - beaten on the road two nights earlier by lowly Cleveland - got their first signature win since shaking up their roster by beating the Miami Heat 91-86.

"We know how important he is to this team and what he brings," Anthony said. "His play, his leadership, getting guys where they need to be at out there on the court. And the most important thing is hitting that big shot."

Billups hardly did it alone.

Anthony scored 29 points and Amare Stoudemire finished with 16 points, 10 rebounds and one giant blocked shot of a James attempt to protect a one-point lead with 7 seconds remaining. But it was the guy known as "Mr. Big Shot" - "he didn't get that name for no reason," Anthony said - who controlled the final minutes, when New York ended the game on a 13-2 run.

"He's definitely not a throw-in," Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni said. "He's the one with the ring."

Billups finished with 16 points for New York, including a pair of 3-pointers in a 16-0 run that closed the first half and started swinging everything the Knicks' way. Miami led 51-36 with 4 minutes to go before intermission, then found itself down 52-51 at the break and in a nip-and-tuck contest the rest of the night.

That is, until New York made all the big plays in the last 3 minutes.

James scored 27 for Miami, which had won seven straight at home. Chris Bosh added 20 points and 12 rebounds, and Wade finished with 12 points and nine assists for the Heat - who had 20 turnovers, matching the fourth-most forced by New York this season.