Tuesday, August 16, 2011

THE world’s largest Internet search engine also celebrated Pakistan’s 64th Independence Day with Google Doodle.

For the very first time in the history of Google, a Google Doodle has been especially designed for Pakistan. Google has put a green-collared doodle representing the colour of Pakistan’s national flag on the Pakistani Google homepage. For years, countless forums have hosted hordes of discussions on why a Doodle to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day was not making an appearance.
The idea was pushed in front of the team from Google, Google.org, Google Maps and YouTube that came to Pakistan last December. It was all over Twitter and emails were submitted to the Proposals link on the Doodle4Google website. Run a search on “Google Doodle for Pakistan” and you’ll see how aggressive and assertive some of these requests were.

The doodle is an absolute eye-catcher. The “l” of Google is replaced by “Minar-e-Pakistan”, which is the National Tower of Pakistan in Lahore. The upper half of the “g” is replaced by “A Crescent and a Star”, which represents an important part of Pakistan’s national flag. There can also be seen small-collared stars around the logo. Pakistan’s Independence Day is observed every year on August 14, the day Pakistan was made an independent country based on borderlines created by the British towards the end of their rule of India. On this special day, Pakistan, in 1947, became an independent country and also the largest Muslim country of Asia. –Agencies


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