Monday, March 28, 2011

Since it has been easy so far to predict the NCAA games, picking next Monday's final should be a piece of cake.

Kentucky vs. Connecticut is just a matter of picking between two of the most successful programs of the past two decades.

Butler and VCU comes down to whether you believe more in the magic of the Horizon League or that of the CAA.

We are looking at a Final Four in which the teams have won 37 consecutive games combined.

Mike Lopresti column: It will be surreal.

Campus Rivalry: It is all so improbable

3-4-8-11 does seem a bit more like a winning Keno card than an NCAA seeding chart but doesn't that make this all the more predictable?

Or maybe having two teams outside of the BCS Conferences does that.

VCU is a newbie to this. Kentucky has won seven titles and UConn two under Jim Calhoun. Butler is in its second consecutive Final Four.

Not that Rams coach Shaka Smart is awed by that.

"Over the last 10 or 15 years … the playing field has evened out a little bit. When you have a senior-laden team like we do, you have an opportunity to make a run like this, because we have as much experience as anybody we're going to play."


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