Monday, March 28, 2011

Former vice presidential candidate, congresswoman and US Ambassador to the United Nations Geraldine Ferraro died Saturday at age 75 of complications from blood cancer.

Ferraro, of New York City, had roots in the Hudson Valley as she was born on August 26, 1935, and spent her first eight years in Newburgh.

She served as a congresswoman representing a New York City district, from 1979-1985, ran for vice president along with Democrat presidential candidate Walter Mondale in 1984 and served from 1993-1996 as US Ambassador to the United Nations for Human Rights under President Bill Clinton.

Ferraro would visit Orange County periodically during and after her political career and always tout the fact that she was local, having been born in Newburgh.

She was “one of my earliest inspirations, and an inspiration for all women in politics,” said State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins of Westchester County. Ferraro campaigned with Stewart-Cousins during her 2006 Senate race.

US Senator Charles Schumer said Ferraro “broke barriers with a matter-of-factness, modesty, and grace that made her achievements all the more important and becoming.”

“Through her life in the public arena, Geraldine’s accomplishments served as a milestone in our country’s acceptance of equality and diversity,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo.


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