Sunday, March 27, 2011

A look at the latest developments in political unrest across the Middle East on Sunday:


Rebels seize back the key oil complexes of Ras Lanouf and Brega and push west toward Tripoli, gaining momentum after international airstrikes that tipped the balance away from Moammar Gadhafi's military. The U.S. defense secretary says the air campaign could last months.


Syria's government says unknown gunmen firing from rooftops and prowling the streets of the Mediterranean city of Latakia are to blame for two days of violence that killed 12 people during protests over the weekend. The dead include security forces and residents of the city alike as well as two members of the shadowy "armed elements," the state news agency reports. The identity of the gunmen remains a mystery.

Syrian soldiers in army vehicles deploy in the city.


Islamic militants seize control of a weapons factory, a strategic mountain and a nearby town in the southern province of Abyan, say a witness and security officials. A stalemate between President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the protest movement seeking his ouster is causing security to unravel around the fragile country.


Jordanians mourn a 55-year-old man who died in a violent anti-government protest two days earlier. Khairi Saad was the first person to die in nearly three months of protests in Jordan.

The government claims Saad was a supporter who died of a heart attack, while the opposition and his brother dispute that, saying he was a follower of the Muslim Brotherhood who was beaten to death by police.


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